Over 250 Respond To Growers Survey

I’ve begun tabulating the over 250 responses to the Santa Cruz County Cultivators Outreach Survey 2016 conducted since early February through March 21. Thank you to all who participated and helped bring attention to the effort.

There’s a ton of information.  The value or usefulness will depend, in large part, upon the perspective of the reviewer.

Among the broad strokes:

  • District 5 (SLV) is home to about half of all the growers,
  • 35% of grows are on parcels zoned R (Residential)
  • 72% if you include RR and RA  
  • Small residential grows are spread throughout the County:
    • 33% in District 1
    • 20% in District 2
    • 12%,in District 3
    •  4% in District 4
    • 28% in District 5
  • District 4 boasts over 25% of the larger producers by plant count.
  • 5% grow over 1000 plants
  • 43% grow less than 50 plants
  • 63% grow less than 100 plants
  • 87% get their water from a local water district or dedicated well
  • Over 50% of indoor and 48% of outdoor grows are on parcels under one acre
  • 60% of all grows take up less than 500 sq ft
  • 11% use a generator as the primary source of power

I’ll be taking a deeper look at the numbers in the days ahead and if there is a specific slice of information you would like, let me know and I’ll try and provide it.

Please feel free to share this.